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City Information - Dusseldorf

Some nice and interesting information about Dusseldorf. Your Travel Guide for Dusseldorf

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WappenDusseldorf, is one of the nicest towns in Germany.

It is a handsome and elegant, modern city on the banks of the Rhine River. Düsseldorf is a city where everything is close together: just near the wellknown shoppingstreet Königsallee is the Altstadt, the old quarter of the city.
With its 260 cosy pubs and home-brew taverns it is well known as “the longest bar in the world”.

A little further on, you can find renewed proof that the citizens of Düsseldorf love to promenade: the traditional Kö has recently acquired a new companion promenade, which is even two kilometers long. Now that the new Rhine embankment tunnel has diverted the through traffic, the Altstadt has taken back its traditional place by the Rhine. While the traffic races along underground, strollers on the Rhine embankment promenade can admire the outlook over the Rhine and the art nouveau facades of Oberkassel. The view swings to the Rhine tower, which rises above the North Rhine-Westphalia government building. From a bird’s-eye perspective you can see the city, the countryside, the industrialized river. You can enjoy a romantic view of the city by exploring it from one of the many white pleasure steamers´of the "Weisse Flotte" (the "white fleet").


A trip northwards will take you to Kaiserswerth, following Barbarossa’s tracks to the medieval ruins of his castle, picturesque houses, idyllic places, in the typical Lower Rhine countryside.

Dusseldorf Map
Dusseldorf Map

Düsseldorf is the capital city of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and (together with Cologne and the Ruhr Area) the economic center of Western Germany. Düsseldorf is located on the River Rhine and it is one of the main centers of the densely populated Rhine-Ruhr area.


Düsseldorf is not only widely known as a stronghold of the German advertising and fashion industries: in the last few years the city on the Rhine has become a top telecommunications center in Germany. There are 18 internet providers located in the capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. With two of the four big German providers of mobile frequencies, D2 Vodafone and E-Plus, Düsseldorf leads the German mobile phone market. This pioneer position is evidenced by the presence of many foreign trading centers in Düsseldorf such as NTT, Ericsson, Nokia and GTS.

Düsseldorf Reiseführer

Dusseldorf - Duesseldorf - DUS
568.855 people who live here
216.99 km² Fläche
Car sing.: D

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